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Writing a Productive Cover Letter for Your Job Search

When applying for a job, your cover letter is your first impression to the employer. Therefore, you need to do your best to make sure your information is worded and presented in a way that it stands out from the rest. First, give thought to the type of job you are seeking. What are your strengths? What have been your accomplishments? How can you highlight those accomplishments and make those noticeable in your cover letter? For example, if you are a teacher you may use a statement such as, “I have gained 5 years of valuable experience within the teaching profession that has allowed me to apply creative methods within the classroom.” Or, if you work in the human resource field, you might include, “Throughout my experience in providing human resource services in corporate environments, I have learned various ways to respond to the needs of a diverse workforce.” Another example, if you work in a field such as construction, you might identify, “As an employee with a local construction business, I have been able to apply various management and scheduling techniques to provide a productive workday for the employees I oversee. This opportunity has allowed me to recognize and apply my professional strengths of organization, personnel management, and providing the ultimate service.”

Next, after exploring your strengths and considering what you have learned from previous work experience, it is important to respond to the description of the job advertisement. For example, the job description may read as, “Seeking an employee with high motivation and level of independence in a fast-paced work environment.” As the applicant, you would include phrases in your cover letter that would identify your characteristics that are consistent with the requirements. For example, “I possess professional motivation with an aim to contribute to the mission of the company.”

Finally, give great consideration to the closing words of your cover letter. It is important to provide your contact information and when you can be reached. In addition, please note your level of appreciation for the employer taking time to review your application materials. For example, “I thank you for your time and consideration.” In closing, be sure to make your cover letter concise, highlight your strengths in relation to the job requirements, show that you are both a learner and one who can contribute to the work environment, and close with an expression of your appreciation. Happy job hunting!

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