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How to Apply for and Obtain a Job

Applying for and successfully achieving your goal of obtaining a job is much more than simply filling out an application. It is a procedure that must be carried out thoroughly to ensure a secured position at the facility you are applying for. At the age of 16 I acquired my first job at McDonald’s. There are three major categories that will guide an applicant through the step-by-step process of applying for and receiving a job. They are: getting and completing an application for the location you wish to work, getting an interview, and passing the interview.

First consider where it is you would like to work. If you have an eye for fashion you might consider a retail clothing store or something in that nature. Once you have decided on the place that you feel you would benefit from the most, stop by there in your free time and ask an employee there for an application. If there is a manager present, speak with him or her to assure that they are currently hiring to be sure that your application will be reviewed sometime within a week or two after you have returned it. Once you have received the application you have two options; one, you can either stay there and fill it out completely and leave it with the hiring manager if present, if not a manager of any kind or an employee will do or two, you can choose to take it with you and return it as soon as possible. Whichever one you choose is fine and purely depends on how long the application is, how much time it would take to complete it, how much time you have and whether or not you will need help or additional information not present with you to complete the application such as your social security number.

The second easiest, major category of applying for and receiving a job is landing an interview. About a week after returning your application if you have not received a call, do not panic. You can either stop by the location the application was returned to or call to check the status of your application. Sometimes the employer does not call simply because they are waiting on the applicant to contact them first. By contacting them on your own terms this shows your dedication and that you are serious about securing this job. Once you have spoken with the manager and been given an interview date, save it in your phone or mark your calendar.

Congratulations you have successfully finished categories one and two and all of the steps in between and are patiently waiting the day of the interview. The first step in passing an interview is setting your alarm clock the night before. Most interviews are often held in the afternoon but depending upon your schedule could be arranged to meet your needs. Make sure to get an ample amount of sleep to ensure that you are fully focused on each question the interviewer will ask you. The finally and most important steps in the process of obtaining a job are to dress to impress, be yourself, and be punctual. You could even go as far as to arrive maybe ten minutes earlier than scheduled. If you follow the steps listed in this procedure you are most certainly guaranteed to get the job assuming you meet all of the requirements or experience needed for that specific job.

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